Giclee'... What in the world is a Giclee'?

* The word "Giclee'" is taken from a French word meaning "to squirt". It relates to the use of high-end printing equipment which sprays (or "squirts") millions of droplets of ink in the reproduction of a work of art.

Giclee' prints equal (some would say surpass) traditional print methods and are archival. Many prints  commonly found in high-end museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries are Giclee' prints. They are a premium fine-art print.

* Giclee' prints provide better color accuracy, use archival inks, and allow prints to be reproduced in almost any size and on various substrates including fine papers and canvas.

* While a bit more expensive than a Lithograph reproduction, your purchase of a Giclee image ensures you are getting a true fine-art print with a higher, longer-lasting value than other types of image reproduction.

* Currently, all prints offered for sale on my website are Giclees'.